Bringing the enchanting world of patisserie
& viennoiserie to Jeddah

Cake with meringue on topIntricate and luxurious pastry

We’re a Patisserie offering All-day Dining and Click-&-Collect

At Myra we simply adore traditional French patisseries…so much so, we decided to create our own. An altogether more modern, vibrant and fun reinvention that combines those ‘must have’ classic staple cakes and viennoiseries, with bolder, more contemporary fare.

Our Cakes & Pastries

Think indulgent, unique, sweet and savoury treats, all created with a clever twist. The result is exciting and decadent new tastes and flavours, served all day. What else could one want in life?

Ways to Indulge

Never thought you’d experience a drive through patisserie? Well ours is open until midnight, as is our enchanting café. The very pinnacle of convenience, you can use Click & Collect, and swing by until late to pick up a few delectable treats.

Click & Collect couldn’t be simpler:

Number 1
Go to Click & Collect and add an irresponsible number of mouth watering delights to your basket
Illustration of pastry with cream
Number 2
Decide whether you’d prefer to collect your order the moment its ready, or at a specific time of your choosing
Illustration of a cake
Number 3
Check out and pay, and you’ll receive your own personal collection code (keep it secret)
Illustration of croissant
Number 4
Stop by and covertly present your unique code to collect. Immediately enjoy your marvellous pastries!
Illustration of a coffee

Myra Merchandise

Gold kitchen utensil in purple box
Illustration of croissant

Patisserie Selection

Feast your eyes on our array of tempting goodies. All of our offerings are crafted to surprise and delight. It’s an unusual blend of time-honoured favourites and culinary experiments. Are they calling to you?

Lemon Meringue Tart  32
Apple & Cinnamon Tart  34
Coconut Invasion  36
Coffee Paris Brest  34
Popcorn Millefeuille  36
Peach Melba Pavlova  34
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake  36
1966 Rouge  36
Pistachio 400  36
Raspberry & Pistachio Flute  34

Close up of shiny pastry

Meet Chef
Jonas Plangger

Delicious yellow cakes with white chocolate