The Myra Story

In Latin, Myra, is a feminine name meaning ‘extraordinary’ or ‘marvellous’ (seems fitting for our aspirations), and for Greeks it means ‘abundance’ (so running out of anything is a big no no). The Sanskrit translation is ‘beloved’…probably how you’ll feel about our pastries after trying one.

They may be romantic, but conventional patisseries can also be a bit mundane. We love coming up with new ways to create imaginative, new pastries and cakes, using local ingredients, bold recipes and a fusion of techniques. After all, no-one expects a croissant with strudel inside it do they?

Artistic patisserie
Layered artistic cake on a cake stand
Layered artistic cake on a cake stand

Visit any Myra and it’ll quickly become apparent that we like a bit of contemporary drama. From our grandiose, flamboyant doors inviting you in, and playful use of light and colour, we want to inspire and excite, while naturally, celebrating the delicate and subtle art of patisserie.

Our fabulous open kitchen is possibly our most theatrical element, allowing our charming patrons to witness the magic (and by that we mean the effortless concoction of wonderful pastries) happening before their very eyes!

When it comes to patisserie and vennoiserie perfection, every single detail counts (and it’s perfection or nothing in our book). That means scrupulous discipline, immaculate kitchens, temperature-controlled preparation, and timings measured in seconds. Our extraordinary packaging is also produced to the same exacting standards, as you might expect.

Croissant being dipped in purple glaze
Layered cake on silver plinth

Myra Highlight: Jonas Plangger

Jonas Plangger

Meet Chef
Jonas Plangger

Our highly esteemed pastry chefs are at the top of their game. Headed up by lauded visionary Jonas Plangger, previously at The Dorchester, this team of pastry pioneers are crafting ingenious, fresh new cakes and viennoiseries on a daily basis.

Chef Jonas’ brief is simple…employ new flavours, ingredients and designs to produce culinary excellence that leaves a lasting impression. We think he’s nailing it.

Yellow cake with white chocolate
Yellow cake with white chocolate

Innovative Creations, Exquisite Flavours

Savoury brioche buns with seeds on top